Louis Andriessen La Commedia
Asko Schoenberg conducted by Reinbert de Leeuw
April 2010

“Synergy Vocals contributed formidably: the choir, in a way, personified Dante as much (and as vividly) as Ms Zavalloni did.”
The New York Times

“As engrossing as the soloists were, it is the chorus and ensemble who carry the biggest weight in La Commedia, and Synergy Vocals and the Asko Schoenberg ensemble were more than up to the task. These are some of the best performers in the new music world – indeed in all of classical music – and they proved their mettle on Thursday night, tackling a work full of wide, sudden contrasts..from the most highly energetic, rock/jazz tinged music, to thorny dissonances, to minimalist grooves, ironic pastiche and sublime beauty all within often tiny spans of time”

“Synergy Vocals provided a strong foundation, engaging with the characters of “The Divine Comedy” as they journeyed from the City of Dis to Paradiso, covering a libretto in four different languages (English, Dutch, Latin, Italian) along the way”
Wall Street Journal