Steve Reich Music for 18 Musicians
London Sinfonietta (rehearsals directed by Micaela Haslam)
February 2011

“Music for 18 Musicians is a total thrill when played this well”
The Guardian

“(Though) reproduced in countless great recordings, a really satisfying
live performance is not easy to come by.  Beyond the work’s
significant technical and organisational demands, performers must also
gain control over a certain relaxed ease which can hardly be articulated,
let alone mastered.  One thing’s for sure; (London Sinfonietta and Synergy
Vocals) had it.  The players smiled instinctively at the pleasure of
each change and it was through their total absorption in the sound that
the pulsing magic of Reich’s music was communicated”
The Scotsman

“a sheer sense of joy accompanied the embodied exchanges between the
musicians throughout”

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