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Amy Haworth, Micaela Haslam, Amanda Morrison, Heather Cairncross

Steve & Micaela

“It was absolutely fitting that Steve Reich should have a Prom dedicated to his music for his 75th birthday, though for me it was a little disappointing that this was a 10.15pm concert and not a 7.30pm concert.  I have never seen a Late Night Prom so full and I’m quite sure that an early evening Prom would have sold out completely.  Still, we were delighted to have this stage with Ensemble Modern and Steve for his birthday concert.

Standing room only

After the statutory Clapping Music at the top of the concert (Rainer Römer from EM with Steve) we were treated to a fabulous version of Electric Counterpoint, recorded and played live by the amazing Mats Bergström from Sweden.  We first encountered Mats in the Stockholm Reich-fest in January this year and for me, his Electric Counterpoint is one of the best.  It sounded incredible in the Royal Albert Hall.

Mats & Micaela

Music for 18 was also amazing in this big venue, and hats off to the BBC for a superb recording which I enjoyed a few days later on iPlayer.  The balance was spot-on, in fact I would say it was CD-worthy.

Where did Steve go...?

Ah ... there he is!

The audience couldn’t have been more enthusiastic, and it was just wonderful that so many people had turned out for such a late concert.  We didn’t get off stage until nearly midnight so these were real Steve Reich fans.  I hope that Steve’s popularity has been thoroughly noted and we look forward to performing many more of his pieces at the Proms….”


1 Comment on London – Royal Albert Hall (10th August 2011)

  1. i like the idea of Clapping Music being “Statutory”…LOL. We should stage a flash mob of an audience doing it sometime… if it wasn’t so bloomin difficult.