James MacMillan Since it was the Day of Preparation…
World Premiere) with Hebrides Ensemble and Brindley Sherratt
August 2012

“exquisite performance”

Financial Times

“the best new work that I’ve heard from MacMillan for a while…superb performances all round too”

The Times (****)

“The four individual members of Synergy Vocals featured in many extended and unaccompanied solo passages. (They) were required, often in the interest of word painting, to reach into the far corners of tonality. This produced some very exciting and emotive listening. In many such forays, their final note was required to match the re-entering instrumentalists. The pitch was spot on every time. I found this performance completely engaging …. in fact, I would love to have heard the piece again upon returning home.”


“Synergy Vocals (sang) with rich beauty as required, and articulated with admirable clarity at every turn”


“(MacMillan’s vocal writing) includes unaccompanied solos, duets, and quartets as well as full-blown, instrumentally-accompanied numbers in an indescribably pluralistic display that features plainchant-style, chorales, hymns and irresistible folk-tinged melodies and harmonies. The music ranges in mood from austere to warm and tender. The performance was broad, blazing and stunning.”


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