Steve Reich  Music for 18 Musicians
Steve Reich & Musicians

September 2014


“The first evening’s triumph was undoubtedly Music For 18 Musicians (1976) – a near perfect rendering of Reich’s breakout piece.”

The Guardian

“a monumental performance of Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians…calm, assured, and stunningly musical. There was an ineffable maturity—a tempo that was relaxed and ideal, a sense of phrasing that is not usually prevalent in minimalist music, and an eloquence equal to that of the greatest orchestral playing.”

New York Classical Review

“When played with the authority and beauty of this performance, the piece engages your musical intellect as you focus on wondrous musical details, while at the same time inviting you to turn off the part of your brain that wants to understand music that way. The ovation was enormous.”

The New York Times

“(The musicians’) love of the score was palpable. That sense of familial embrace was hugely present in this joyous performance — and that pleasure radiated back to the musicians when the piece concluded. For the first time all night, the audience broke into raucous cheers and an extended standing ovation.”