Steve Reich Drumming
Colin Currie Group
February 2010

“As the solo female voices start, we could be back in the era of the Swingle Singers”
Financial Times

“This was a mesmerizing performance, which was highly appreciated by the QEH’s capacity audience, which included Reich himself. A feast for the eyes as well as for the ears….The voices, whistling and piccolo were blended, adding an interesting timbral effect which was well-balanced…an impressive performance…something I was very glad not to have missed.”
Seen and Heard International

“Held together by eye contact, ear contact, intimate understanding of the score and collective breathing, the performance was both aurally and visually exciting”
The Independent

“virtuoso band of musicians…performed with finesse and moment-by-moment satisfaction. No wonder the composer himself, taking his bow at the end, looked so pleased”
Times Online

“Something special happened at the Queen Elizabeth Hall…..That (Steve Reich) was so effusive about the performance added to the audience’s already overwhelming acclamation…a mesmerising performance…from all angles, a revelation”