Steve Reich Music for 18 Musicians
Steve Reich/London Sinfonietta
(rehearsals directed by Micaela Haslam)
October 2009

“In a performance as good as this, which involved four members of Synergy Vocals adding their almost imperceptible harmonic descants to the Sinfonietta players’ impeccably timed relays, the work seemed to exist in an eternal present, forever changing even as it remained paradoxically the same – the piece held the audience in its thrall and received a standing ovation”
The Guardian

“This was a truly spectacular performance by these eighteen musicians, who gave their all to provide a triumphant and dazzling display.”

“Three thousand people sat gripped….hypnotic …..superbly played”
The Times

“one of the highlights of London’s contemporary music calendar this year…..filled both the Festival Hall’s auditorium and the foyer, where the concert was relayed on a video screen in the Clore Ballroom. Excellent choreography and team-work…..this was a truly spectacular performance….a triumphant and dazzling display”