CD (Colin Currie Records) “Drumming”


“This performance from the Colin Currie Group, is thunderously exciting. It zips through in 55 minutes — a timing easily possible if the option is taken to curtail some repeating measures. The recording, too, thrusts us right into the action as Currie and colleagues thwack and tinkle at varying speeds on bongo drums, glockenspiels and marimbas, with friendly support from a wheeling piccolo and the whistling and vocalise of Synergy Vocals.”

The Times (Geoff Brown)



“The percussionists and the wordless voices of Synergy Vocals alike come across with a vivid presence.”

Financial Times (Richard Fairman)


“These guys have a pedigree with this unfathomably difficult score and their fresh, slick recording shows it. Handling of the overlapping of Reich’s 12 beat pattern – polyrhythmic as each of the nine percussionists, two vocalists, piccolo player and whistler shimmy on to their own individual down-beat – is rock solid. A Drumming for this decade – and probably a few to come, too.”

Gramophone (Andrew Mellor)


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