From left to right: Michael Dore, Andrew Busher, Amanda Morrison, Rachel Weston, Heather Cairncross, Micaela Haslam, Gerard O’Beirne, Simon Grant

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Synergy Vocals specialise in close-microphone singing, providing bespoke teams of vocalists for concerts, recordings and soundtracks, and has earned a worldwide reputation for excellence. The group has performed Berio’s “Sinfonia” all over the world, and is well-known for its close association with Steve Reich and its unparalleled performances of his music.

Neither a choir nor an ad hoc group of soloists, Synergy Vocals’ mission is to put teams of excellent singers together whose combined sound matches the one that a composer, conductor or band has in mind for a particular piece or album.

We know that every singer sounds different from another, so each team of voices is carefully selected to create the perfect blend. If vocals were coffee, then Synergy Vocals would be the top barista in the best coffee shop!