B Tommy Andersson - conductor

“When you work with such gifted persons as you all are, everything becomes so much easier”

Andrew Burke -
London Sinfonietta

“just wonderful – a great, great concert!”

Colin Currie - percussion

“a total thrill to work on and perform Tehillim with you”

“This was an extraordinarily rewarding project. Thanks too for all your direction - such a convincing performance. Fantastic!!”

Keith Powers - Boston Herald

“Your performance [of Sinfonia] was the last piece of Berio’s I saw while he lived,
and I’ll never forget it”

Eric Denut - Ensemble Modern

“Simply great! You can´t imagine the level
of energy one could feel inside
of this hall
during the performance”

Stefan Forsberg -
Stockholm Philharmonic

“We enjoyed every minute of our collaboration. I am so impressed by
Synergy Vocals”

Matias Tarnopolsky -
New York Philharmonic

“wonderful to have you all here, sounding spectacular as always”

Nick Mangano - director

“No-one does it better!!”


Jeff Milarsky - conductor

“I cannot imagine a more beautiful rendition EVER of that work”

Brad Lubman – conductor/composer

“It is not often that one can speak with such absolute and ultimate enthusiasm about a performer or ensemble, but Synergy Vocals is a rare case. I have had the pleasure of working with this outstanding, versatile ensemble on numerous occasions. They represent for me the ideal in professionalism, musicality, and vitality. A true joy to work with and listen to”


Clark Rundell - conductor

“just wonderful to work with you and your amazing singers”

Alix Sabatier - Ensemble Intercontemporain

“such a huge pleasure to work with you and Synergy”

Magda Petchey – London Symphony Orchestra

“you all sounded fantastic”

Audrey Riley - arranger/composer

“I won't hesitate to get in touch the next time there's
even a hint of a choir being needed - there have been
so many compliments”

John Schwerbel - LA Philharmonic

“an absolute pleasure having you with us for such a memorable evening of music”

Stéphane Dado -
Orchestre Philharmonique de Liège


Marguerite Martin - Orchestra National de Lyon

“amazing concert - you all were so good!”