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Synergy Vocals

(Director – Micaela Haslam)

Synergy Vocals’ first concert was in London in 1996 - a performance of Tehillim for Steve Reich’s 60th birthday.  Over twenty years later, the group comprises an elite pool of singers able to deliver a broad repertoire in a variety of styles.  The group specialises in close-microphone singing and is often associated with the music of Steve Reich, John Adams, Louis Andriessen, Steven Mackey and Luciano Berio.

Synergy has given concerts all over the world with orchestras and ensembles including the Boston, Chicago, St Louis and San Francisco Symphony orchestras, the Los Angeles, Brooklyn and New York Philharmonic orchestras, Nexus, Steve Reich & Musicians, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, Sydney Symphony Orchestra, AskoǀSchönberg, Ensemble Intercontemporain, Ensemble Modern, Ictus, the London Symphony Orchestra and all five of the UK’s BBC orchestras.  They have also collaborated with dance companies including the Royal Ballet (London) and Rosas.

The group’s world premières include Steve Reich’s Three Tales, Daniel Variations and Traveler’s Prayer, Steven Mackey’s Dreamhouse, Louis Andriessen’s video opera La Commedia, David Lang’s writing on water and Sir James MacMillan’s Since it was the day of Preparation…, as well as the UK première of Nono’s monumental Prometeo on London’s South Bank.  Synergy provided the chorus for Ravi Shankar’s opera Sukanya with the London Philharmonic Orchestra and, most recently, vocals for Satya Hinduja’s Harmony of the Worlds  with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Synergy Vocals is featured on a variety of film soundtracks and television signature tunes. The group also has several CDs to its name. As well as the premières listed above, Synergy Vocals has recorded Reich’s Proverb and Drumming with the Colin Currie Group, Berio’s Sinfonia with BBCSO, John Adams’ Grand Pianola Music conducted by the composer, and Reich’s The Desert Music with Sydney Symphony Orchestra (co-edited and mixed by Micaela Haslam). Their latest CD, Music for 18 Musicians with CCG (recorded at Abbey Road), is due for release in April 2023.  The group has also provided vocals for Kompendium’s Beneath the Waves, These New Puritans’ Field of Reeds, Rob Reed’s Sanctuary, and Steven Wilson’s Grace for Drowning.