CDs featuring Synergy Vocals

“The excellent voices on Arctic Dreams (by John Luther Adams) are supplied by Synergy Vocals from the UK”
Paul Muller,  Sequenza 21

“The four voices have to master non-sung effects that bring quite a bit of difficulty. Synergy Vocals is ideal for this task.”
James Manheim,  AllMusic

“Synergy Vocals sing in Iñupiat (Alaska Inuit) and Gwich’in (Athabascan), intoning the names of flora, fauna and weather, (their voices) embedded in string and bass settings with a deliberate, nearly mathematical use of delay. The music possesses an emotive sheen that belies its precision.”
Richard Allen,  A Closer Listen

“The strings share the space with .. a beautiful shimmering virtual choir like no other. The pieces are at once dreamy, introspective, and filled with gentle serene beauty. Arctic Dreams delivers something unique and powerful that one won’t hear anywhere else.”
Peter Thelen,  Exposé Online

“Live performances of Proverb have been quite rare, partly because of its unusual instrumentation, but also because of the technical demands it places on the singers. Synergy Vocals impart a beautiful, haunting [live] performance




“Synergy Vocals are stunning in their execution of the requisite tight harmonies. The vocals in particular take the work to new places and Reich’s interest in jazz shines through. The singing is extraordinarily demanding and, well, Reich would be proud of this interpretation. It is a vast work (48 minutes), however it is rewarding listening, and particularly in this wonderful performance”
Music Trust

“Recorded live in concert at the Sydney Opera House, featuring internationally acclaimed ensemble Synergy Vocals, with SSO Chief Conductor and Artistic Director David Robertson conducting, this mesmerising performance is sure to be remembered for years to come”
Fine Music

“With the uncanny precision of Synergy Vocals, this is perhaps one of the best live recordings of The Desert Music available, and an essential release”

A formidable account of Berio's Sinfonia”
Presto Classical

 The vocal parts require not only singing but also speaking, whispering, chattering, and shouting. However, this description doesn't adequately cover the sheer range of techniques required (if you have ever listened to Berio's Sequenza for voice then you will be aware of the considerable demands he places upon his singers!), and the performance here is nothing short of staggering at every turn
Presto Classical

This new recording has provided me with a greater appreciation of the score—particularly the way the vocalists are recorded
MusicWeb International

The text is delivered by a quintet of solo voices, which, especially when sung with such delicious clarity as Synergy Vocals here, creates a wonderfully transparent quality, even in the murky waters of the Sea of Tiberius

Brindley Sherratt is very fine as Christ. No less impressive are the four members of Synergy Vocals, whether singing as a consort or individually. All four voices are clear, both in terms of tone and diction; they are ideally suited to the music
MusicWeb International

The performances are stunning. Synergy Vocals performs this score with energy, responding well to the need for extended ranges, fast, not all together convenient, text phrasing and exaggerated timbres with ease
Audiophile Audition

Rinde Eckert’s account of (the architect) is simply dazzling. Quartet Synergy Vocals is hardly less spectacular in its virtuosity and commitment

“a rich, important achievement by one of Europe's greatest living composers…the performance is superb”
The Guardian

Synergy Vocals make a wonderful contribution to this performance. This is a cracking disc and all Adams devotees will want it.”
MusicWeb International

a new, superb live recording
The Guardian

Pianists Orli Shaham and Marc-André Hamelin dazzle and the three vocalists are impeccably balanced. A marvellous disc
The Arts Desk

CD Choice – an intoxicating work
Classic FM

Three women’s voices, whose virtuosic Swingle-like swoops (whether sampled or sung I cannot say!) will certainly be difficult to realise in the heat of a live performance

[They were sung, not sampled, and we performed the album live later that year in the Royal Festival Hall, London]

Synergy Vocals
imbue the choral
parts with a
broad, grandiose colour

Second Inversion

Best Classical CD’s of 2003
New York Times

a blistering account
of Reich’s masterpiece

Classical Source

De Staat…the reason for
this disc
The Guardian

Synergy on Backing Vocals

Amy Macdonald

Russell Watson - Anthems

These New Puritans